Time Manipulation

I know that the lastest post I’ve made on August. It’s bad, but I haven’t got no choice – time is brutal. I’m preparing to Math’s Olympics and it’s harder than I thought. It would be better if I stopped to write a blog. You, the readers, are the main reason why I’m writing it now. I just want to know how to talk to the people. Usually¬† I’m shy person that do nothig. But when I just start Maths, everybody says: “You’re genius”. It might be difficult to be shy and social at the same time. I’ve choosen – its better to be social than be out of community.

But the title is about time manipulation. You’re manipulated. If you read this, it’s mean that you’re fooled. You just read this than for example work or make food for yourself. If anybody could manipulate the time, he (or she) would get rich and famous. It’s the hardest thing that human can think about it. Everything that’s not contain time is likely to be done. But if you include time, everything begin harder and harder. Maths can help you, but you can’t do anything without it. You probably give me cons for it. Just think about our brain like a procesor and you can throw out your ideas – except one – about The Upper Creature. It’s the one of the two things that cannot be tested. It’s the end of my second post, but don’t worry – I’ll be back soon. Maybe we can talk about the God at the next time?

See you soon