Back to the Internet

It’s half a year since my 18th Birthday Party. It was organised for my near family and I had enjoyed it. Anyway, the third class started on September and I had to do many things before I could use Internet more frequently. I also have the Math Olympics and I’ve already done great job with exercices connected with it. I hope that I’ll take part in the second stage of the Olympics.

I’m still working on my novels, but it’s takes more time that I thought. Because of little money that I have, I’m going to give Math’s tutoring. It will give me at least 300 PLN per week (it’s something around 80$ or 50£). It’s enough for my current expenses, but I want to earn more because of driving license. If I had a lucky, I will win 10.000 PLN from Math Competition on YouTube. I just have to create short film promoting math and viewers will decide which one should win by watching and rate them.

I should spend more time on my blog if I want to have any community around it. I think that I should add some photos and other creations into my website to enrich it. Some extensions like Discuss shuld be implemented in the nearest future. I’ve got an account on so I have posibility to create some videos and publish it on Youtube.

It’s all for today,

George Pi Full