Again abandone?! And other stuff

Hello everyone!

It’s a shame that I haven’t  written anything since January. But I’ve managed to pass all my exams and now I can start studying at the Technical University of Gdansk. Before I start my studies I have got a long holiday so I have got a lot of free time. I want to spend this time for work to have enough money to live alone. In parallel with the work I want to make movies on YouTube. I think that I can find enough time for work and my new hobby.

This may sound mainstream that I want to filming games, but it’s also one of the simplest and the most difficult things for filming. Why? It’s easy to create movie for YouTube based on game (you just have to play the game), but there are a lot of Youtubers that do it and it’s hard to stand out.

It’s all for today and I hope that my blog posts will appear more frequently than used to happen

See you soon

George Pi Full


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