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The end of 2015

Hi everyone,

I just apologise that I’m not as active as I should be and it’s going to change. In 2015 I’ve done a lot of mistakes and I’ve learnt a lot from them. The main thing that I think mostly is Matura Exam (something similiar to Glyc’s). I just have to pass it in the beginning of the May. My parents said that after it I have to move out of them and live away from my first home. It’s sad, but my parents are nervous when I’m using computer. It’s a little bit strange in nowadays , but I’m not able to change theirs point of view.

Acording to living alone, I have to work a little bit more to save enough money to live. In Poland there is disproportion between salary and fees. Most of the people in Poland pay over 60% of their salaries (flat/house and bills for water, electricity etc.) and it’s not okay. But there option that allows me to not worry about it – scholarships and working in Maths. The first one is possible as late as October so I have work in maths or something connected with it. It’s not hard job for me, but there is a problem to find people that wants to learn Maths. If I don’t get job like this, I propably take another job that provides me enough money.

Let’s left my problems and talk about Christmas and New Year. I spent them in lovely home and try almost every dish that my mum cooked. The best dish that every non-polish man have to try is dumplings (“pierogi” in Poland). I cannot describe how delicious it is! It’s better if you put them into borsch (beet soup). Except eating there are more important things like family. My grandfather drove over 600 kilometres to visit me and my siblings during Christmas time.

I had very nice time, but there things that I failed. I have to pass whole semester of English lessons – I had too much absence and I hadn’t got enough marks to have positive rating. It’s some kind hilarious – I’m writing blog in English and I have ‘one’ for it! New teacher makes up for a lot of backlog and by this I have to learn over one thousand of new words. I just hope that I pass it and it will be better to use them in real life, not in school life.

I have to finish it and I hope that I add new post faster and even good.

See you soon

George Pi Full



Hi everyone,

I’m happy that I found more time to write something on my blog. I participate in two math competitions and I hope that I’ll win both. One of them was written in the lastest post and the second one is similiar, but on a smaller scale. It’s connected with school. Because of this two big contests, I haven’t got much time to do my current works in the school. It seems that I have to

abandon some cool things like games or having fun on parties. But is not going to take a long time! By the end of this year, I will have done all necessary exercices and I start New Year with no fears of falling it. I’m going to have a prom night on the end of January. Unfortunatelly I haven’t got anybody to go with. It’s a shame, but I have got enough time to meet somebody and fall in love. Maybe I will meet somebody perfect (not exactly perfect, but fits the best for me) at prom night, won’t I? Let’s work and make everything right to achieve success in each part of my life.

See you soon,

George Pi Full